Once a upon a time, there is a beast living among the humans. The beast throws the human off by learning and observing human behaviours and survival instincts, and it manages to put on a flawless camouflage. From a physical appearance, you can't also recognize it as it wears on human skins and imitates human... Continue Reading →

Like Because, Love Despite

You don’t love because: you love despite; not for the virtues, but despite the faults. -William Faulkner From stranger to someone who you call lover, Starting off with small talks, awkward conversations to something you never thought you'd ever mention to anyone, but shared it anyway. You jeopardized yourself by letting the most sacred secret... Continue Reading →


Black, as the colour of the darkness is known to represent whether here or there in the name of life’s given. Creeping into the mind of all of the weaken, who was opening wide asking for reasons to continue on the path of breathin, wishing for the best while the heart’s still beatin. Guess what,... Continue Reading →

Vulnerable to death

I have a choice of choosing what I want to say and what I don’t The choice that decide what will be our next conversation Grinning my teeth thinking, Should I tell lies or speak up the truth? Pouring everything out and putting myself on the loose Yet again, here I am, another vulnerable situation... Continue Reading →

“WHAT IF I…..” (PART 2)

I thought a lot and plotted so many scenarios and cases that somehow is true, possible and somehow is soooo impossible and unreal. I called them my “WHAT IF I…” One, What if I’m crazy? (Looks like I got quite a symptom based on the description above.) Well, will I be cared and loved? Cause... Continue Reading →

“WHAT IF I…..” (PART 1)

I think I am struggling. I think I’m dead. Dead Inside. . . . I just lay right there, everything is so blur, questions running through my brain, but I can’t even put them into words. All I know is that they are questions, lots of questions, tons of them that I don’t even understand... Continue Reading →

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